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How to Write a Vision Statement
How to Document a Business Process
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Maximize Your Know-How
Your business is built on your know-how: your
unique combination of knowledge, experience,
skills, methods, tools, and processes.

You know what you know, but do your
employees, your customers, or your business

Use this consistent, repeatable method to inform,
educate and engage all of your stakeholders.
The Principles of Document Control
Your organization creates documents daily. They
are used to convey ideas, provide direction, give
instructions, describe processes, and serve a
host of other purposes.

Use these principles to implement a rational and
consistent way to create, manage and share your
How to Document a Business Process
Your stakeholders need to understand your
business processes in clear, simple terms.

The way you document a business process may
be as important as the process itself. This article
tells you how.
One of the most universally used tools for
information gathering, analysis, organization and
presentation is the 5W1H framework.

This method is used across a range of
professions, but most often by journalists, to
understand and explain virtually any event,
process, challenge or issue.
Write Like a Journalist
How to Write a Vision Statement
A well-articulated vision statement describes the
future state of your business or organization. It
is an aspirational description of what you envision
your business or organization to become.

Writing an effective, useful vision statement is not
easy. It needs to succinctly capture the essence
of the future state. It must be both philosophical
and actionable. But above all, a vision statement
needs to be compelling.
How Operations Documentation
Frames Organizational Know-How
A system of operations documentation provides
the path for an organization to maximize what it
knows and excel at what it does.

But it must be designed to serve the unique
needs of the organization, developed with care
and discipline, maintained conscientiously, and
used consistently by both employees and
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Operations Documentation Frames Organization Knowledge
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